The Bank of Target

I’ve had the idea for this article in mind for years now. I’ve been waiting for permission to write it, for a real publication, like the Dig, the Globe, etc. However, then I realized, fuck getting permission to do something, to do anything for that matter. I have had a platform on which I can write anything at anytime all along; this blog, this is my proverbial “soap box.” Even if not enough people read it, I will have at least gotten my thoughts and the information out there. Additionally, if ever I get the chance to put it in a real publication, it will already be written. So, without further ado, here is the article.

Target is not a bank, however, this doesn’t stop greedy customers from treating it as such. Coupons are a problem that has plagued Target since I started working there 5-years ago. As a cashier, “couponers” used to bother me because I felt powerless towards them and I felt like I had to stand there and take it as they knowingly rubbed dirt in my face. However, after being there a while I decided to not take it anymore. I used what little power I did have to take the time and examine every coupon the customer had.

I would double check expiration dates, make sure they had the exact product being described, and prevent them from using more than the allowed amount. This would make them upset and that would, in turn, make me happy. Additionally, it typically made it so that when they came back, they would purposely not come in my lane. Now however, after the security breach back in November, Target has really tried to improve the store’s “Vibe” as a means of recouping their customers. This means, essentially, bending to their every wish in order to assure repeat business.

This does not make me happy because it now means that I have to (well… I’m supposed to) go back to getting the dirt rubbed in my face. You might wonder why “couponers” even bother me or how I am affected by what they do. Here is the simple fact, coupons are meant as incentive for loyal customers who buy a certain product to be rewarded for their loyalty by getting an offer that saves them a bit of money on that product. This is something that I agree with and with which I have no issue. What “couponers” do is to abuse this system. Combining offers and finding their way around the loop holes in Target’s coupon policy in order to get the items they purchase for practically nothing.They probably think they’re so clever too. Some even laugh in my face as they see the price go down. Cleverness could not be further from the truth. There is nothing clever about what they are doing.

So, again, why does this bother me you might wonder. The first reason is that most of these people come back to our store or another Target at a later date and return everything that they bought. The system is too stupid to recognize that the items were bought with receipts and thus these customers get their money back as well as the extra money that they had initially saved. In this way, Target is essentially a bank to them. Now I know that manufactures give the money back to Target, and even if they didn’t, Target is a big corporation and they’ll never be hurting for money. What does bother me is how this works for “couponers” from a moral and ethical standpoint.

I work for every dollar that I earn. These people cheat the system for every dollar they earn. Where is the justice in that? You might ask, well, why don’t you do the same thing? Sure, and while I’m at it, why don’t I rob a bank, steal a car, and beat up a homeless person; because it’s morally wrong. You might also wonder, well if it bothers you so much, why don’t you just quit? Trust me, if I could find a full time job or even a decent better paying part time job, I would quit Target in a heartbeat. If this were something that was okay to do, everyone would do it. It is, to me, a disgusting and dishonest way to make a living.

The unfortunate thing is that Target’s coupon policy currently allows for all of this. That is perhaps just as equally upsetting. I feel these people need to be dealt with and made an example of. They need to learn that what they are doing is wrong and that it will not be tolerated. Instead, the exploitation of a simple incentive will inevitably continue, allowing these bottom feeders to skate on by without any consequences for their actions.

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Bucket List

So, I realized that I sort of already did this with a blog post back in February of 2013 called Vacation Plans. However, this will be a general list that I will update from time to time of vacation plans and just things I’m doing or that I want to do in general.

Naked Bike Ride – I though there was one happening this May in Portland Oregon, but I guess the next one is June 7th. Yeah, that’s not going to happen… or at least not this year. However, I was watching Portlandia and it made me really want to visit Portland and Seattle. Possible even move there as I know Portland -at the very least- has a huge bike culture and I feel like Seattle does too.

Mods VS Rockers Chicago – June 13th but a) would have to have my bike running by then and b) just no, too much other shit

Goodwood Festival of Speed – June 26th;  not gonna happen this year, maybe someday

Pikes Peak Hill Climb – June 29th, not gonna happen this year, maybe someday

Undisclosed Plan – this June

Undisclosed Backup Plan – this June

Burton Factory – not so much a “bucket list” thing but I do want to visit it this summer and try and get a job there; hit up Ben & Jerry’s factory too as I haven’t been in a while and am always down for some ice cream.

San Diego Comic Con – this July; not gonna happen this year, already missed the ticket deadline and, just no. However, after looking over the aforementioned blog post, I should have gone last summer. I didn’t go anywhere last summer or do any vacation.

Disney 20th Anniversary Trip – August 8th to the 16th; happening

Mount Baker Banked Slalom – legendary snowboarding event held at Mount Baker in Washington where amateurs compete along side pros for coveted duck-tape. Happens in February

Theme Park Review Trip – maybe next summer (Summer 2015)

Windells Snowboard Camp – hopefully there isn’t an age limit

Australia – have always wanted to go there

Dubai – yeah, just yeah

2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics – this is way in the future; I’ll be 31, what the fuck! However, I said I was going to go to London 2012 and didn’t due to money, Mini Takes the Sates, and lack of planning. However, this time I feel I should be able to as a) I have plenty of time to plan and b) I should theoretically be more established and therefore money should be less of a factor. However, I do want to visit Japan before then so I will have done one touristy trip and then one that basically has the sole purpose of seeing the Olympics

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Go See It

The other day, I came home to find a strange e-mail on my computer. The message was from a woman named Deb who is the Production Manager with the Actors’ Shakespeare Project.


Apparently she came across this blog after doing a bit of Googling. She told me that the company is putting on a “steampunk” version of Shakespeare’s As You Like It and was wondering if they could use my penny farthing as a prop. Naturally I agreed, and the next day she came by to pick it up.

Long story short, if you read this blog, like Shakespeare, and want to see my hi wheel featured on stage, make your way down to the Springstep Building in Medford anytime between April 17th and May 18th.

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BMW i3 Electric – Test Drive

Two weeks ago I went out to breakfast with my Dad and my Grandpa. While out, I got the urge to visit a BMW dealership to find out what I could about the upcoming all electric BMW i3. Upon entering the dealership, I spoke with Joe (great dude) who informed me that on April 5th (today) they were going to be holding an i3 test drive event, and that I should stop by.


Cut to today. I got to the dealership at around 10am, right as the event was scheduled to start. I saw Joe right away who showed me around the car and informed me that a lot of test drive slots had been filled, but that there was an empty slot at 12:15. So, I drove over to the nearby Liberty Tree Mall and bummed around for a bit until noon-ish when I decided to head back to the dealership.

I arrived to find good news waiting for me, a slot had opened up and, once the car came back, I could take it for a spin. After grabbing a quick bite from the spread that they had laid out, I followed the salesman (I forget his name) out to the car and began my test drive.

The first thing you notice upon entering the car is that the dashboard and everything feels like you’re in a spaceship. The radio/navigation/vehicle control system is all contained on a center screen and controlled by BMW i-Drive. Though the car is high-ish up, the seats are actually very low. It’s hard to explain  but they feel very close to the floor. The key and key fob are one; there is no need to put it in an ignition, simply leave it in the cup-holder or in your pocket.

Turning the car on is an experience in itself. Apply the brake and press the Stop/Start button; a little “bing” noise informs you that the car is on. Without it, you would have no idea it’s running because the car is silent. The gear shift is on the steering column and located right behind the wheel. In my opinion a bad location for it, as I was unsure of the best way to reach for it. Nevertheless, putting the car into gear is pretty cool, apply the brake and simply turn the lever away from you; the car is now in drive.

Pulling away for the first time is strange too. There is no noise to give you an idea of you’re throttle input. Additionally, letting off the accelerator does not allow the car to coast as a regular gas powered vehicle would. Instead, the car begins to brake on it’s own due to the regenerative braking system which takes the unused kinetic energy of the vehicle to recharge the battery. The brake is really only necessary for moderate to hard braking. Thus, driving a car like this requires the driver to adopt a completely different driving style than they are used to. Something you certainly could get used to, but not something I was able to fully get the hang of in the short time I had with the car.

The highway proved to be one of the most interesting aspects of the driving experience. Because the car uses an electric engine, 100% of the torque is available to you at all times. This means that when you have to accelerate or overtake another vehicle, the power is instant and immediately there. This is accompanied by a sort of Tron sounding whirr from the electric engine.

After a quick blast up and then back down the highway, we made our way back to the dealership. I got out and had to fill out a short survey about the experience, and then the test drive was over. Overall the experience was a good one. The only two things that I come away with as negatives were the regenerative braking -again, not so much bad as it was something you would have to get used to- and the inefficient ergonomics of the Stop/Start button and gear selector.

The i3 is a unique driving experience. You can read all you want and watch all the videos you want, but until you actually take it out, you can’t really appreciate or fully understand all the little quirks (acceleration, braking, lack of noise, etc.) of an electric vehicle.

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June 26th marks the coming of this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. This festival is one of the many things on my “bucket list.” I realized however, that I don’t really have a bucket list. I have several lists in several locations with ideas of things to do and places I want to go, but I don’t know if they’re all in one place.

The thing is that part of me tries to plan aspects of my life, like big vacations, far in advance so that I won’t forget to do them or so that I have something to look forward to, or so that I give myself enough time to plan them out. The problem with that is, in an ever changing life, it’s hard sometimes to stick to your goals. Things change or come up, and suddenly that thing you were planning on doing this summer has to be moved to next summer.

For example, ever since last year I had decided that this year I would finally go to the San Diego Comic Con. I was/am on the mailing list and was merely waiting for the e-mail to tell me how and when to purchase a four day pass. However, when it came a few weeks ago, I was not able to bring myself to purchase tickets. I have at least one definite summer vacation planned -a twenty year anniversary trip to Disney World with my family celebrating 20 years since the first time we went as a family- for August.

I also have another potential trip planned that only a handful of people know about and I dare not speak it’s name for fear that if I do, it won’t actually happen and I will disappoint both you all, and myself. I’m weirdly superstitious like that. So, yeah, that’s a lot of money I have to save up and potentially spend so I couldn’t see greedily trying to squeeze in Comic Con and therefore three “summer vacation” vacations.

I guess what I’m saying is, you kind of can’t plan you’re life, all you can try and do is your best to stick to things. The important ideas will eventually prevail. Additionally, I need to conglomerate these and make an official, all be it unconventional, bucket list. Perhaps that will be my next post. I’m not getting any younger and I want to squeeze some of this shit in before I start to feel too old.

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Two(?) Days Late

How did I miss this? I literally was just looking to find out information about the new Wolfmother album a few days ago. Then, last night while randomly searching YouTube videos I saw a video for a new Wolfmother song.

I clicked the link, watched the video, enjoyed the song, and saw that in it, Andrew Stockdale (the lead singer) was holding a new album cover. Sure enough, a quick Google search revealed that on March 24th (23rd?) Wolfmother did in fact release their third album.

I woke up this morning and, before I even got dressed, went straight to my local Newbury Comics to purchase it. Unfortunately it was not there. It seems that as of now, the album is digital download only. Hopefully it will be released on CD and Vinyl because I like having hard copies of my music. However, either way, it’s exciting.

The whole album can be listened to on Wolfmother’s bandcamp page. As I’ve been listening I find the songs to be hit and miss, on an every other track basis. I do like that it seems more raw, and closer to the sound of their first album with a bit more punk fusion. Also, I like how the band seems to be stripped down to a trio again. Now all they need to do is come to Boston so I can mosh.

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Spring Ride

Just as I predicted, yesterday, the first day of spring was nice… as it should be. Knowing that I had the day off, and itching to go on a bike ride (ever since buying my new bike), I did just that. I had planned out a route a few days prior and so I followed it on a three hour excursion. The route had 4 main points: 1) The Blood Coven, 2) Highland Kitchen, 3) Davis Square, and 4) Superb Bike shop.

I wanted to bike to The Coven merely to see how difficult of a ride it was and how long it would take me to get there. My thought being that as the weather gets nicer, and events take place over there, rather than drive, I might bike. This lead me to my second destination as well, Highland Kitchen. Not only did I want to see how far it was (by bike) from The Coven, but also, I wanted to see how useful this alternative route could be if I decide to bike there for karaoke nights this summer.

This lead to my third destination, Davis Square, because I wanted to see how far it was (by bike) from The Coven as well, and also, I needed to take the train into Boston so I could then ride to Superb. The reason I wanted to go back to Superb was simple. After purchasing my bike, I visited the Brooks website. I have always been interested in potentially owning a Brooks saddle, but now that I have a proper bike for one, I am beginning to get more seriously interested.

While on the Brooks website I saw an ad for their new Cambium saddle. After watching a vid about it (the one posted above) and being drawn in by it’s beauty and design, I decided that it would be the next bike related purchase I would/will make. However, when I was in Superb last Saturday, when I bought my bike, I paid no attention to their Brooks collection because I was concentrating so much on my bike purchase. After e-mailing them the other day to see if they had one, and finding out via response to said e-mail that they did, I decided to add Superb to my ride/route.

Seeing the saddle in person confirmed everything about it. Its beauty, its size, how it felt; all how I thought it would be. However, upon hearing the price -$160- I decided that it is not a necessity right now. There are other more expensive and more important things in line ahead of it. It’s just an “I want” item and it can certainly wait.

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Mind Blown/Music Lesson

The other day (Monday) I was listening to A Cross the Universe (the live Justice album, not the Beatles song) on my way to pick up some friends for a St Patrick’s Day Celebration. While on the way, the song Phantom Pt. 1.5 came on. In the middle (1:34 in until the end) there was a part that I knew couldn’t be original Justice and I recognized it from another source. A bit of wiki-ing and Googling lead me to this (see vid below).

I still don’t know how, why, or what else [other source] I recognize it from, but, regardless, I love it. Sidenote: Vangelis is the same guy who scored Blade Runner… so yeah, kinda awesome.

This then lead me to wiki Cross, Justice’s first album, which brought to my attention three other eye opening realizations. The song Newjack is based off of the song You Make Me Wanna Wiggle by The Brothers Johnson. The song Phantom (as well as Phantom Pt. II) is based off of the song Tenebre by Goblin which is the main title to the Dario Argento film Tenebre. And the song Stress is based off of the song Night On Disco Mountain by David Shire, which is in turn based on the classical piece Night On Bald Mountain by Mussorgsky.

This also reminded me that, upon recently listening* to the song Contact by Daft Punk, I found out that it -along with some of their other older songs- was based off of another song; in this case We Ride Tonight by The Sherbs.

All of this makes me not feel bad about wanting to take the beginning (first 20 seconds) of Tea For One by Led Zeppelin, and turn it into a completely different song of it’s own. It’s like they got started on one song and then decided part way through to scrap it and go in a completely different direction.

*I was compelled to listen to it because I had just seen the first episode of Cosmos, which is incredible by the way, and I felt/feel that the song is perfect for the series.

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Beware The Ides of March

The Ides of March (yesterday) are always marked by, at the very least, two things; my friend Nick’s birthday, and my friend Dilila’s birthday. Knowing that the day was supposed to be a nice one (weather wise) and that I had the day off, and that I had been particularly slothful all week (sitting around the house, not using my spare time well), I had made an itinerary and had made the decision that I would use this free and pleasant day wisely.

The morning was slow; the usual breakfast and computing. I eventually got some clothes on and went to the bank to do one of my pre-errand errands; depositing (most of) my tax refund. I then when home and, while on the computer, figured out my route for the day and pondered when to leave.

I had three things on my “To Do” list: 1) go to RAW skate shop in Porter Square to buy a new pair of shoes, 2) go to Tatte Bakery and Cafe to eat and to visit my friend Lena, and 3) go to Superb bicycle shop to order my new bike in time for the warm weather. (It was also my intention to look for ‘Help Wanted’ signs and to ‘enquire within’ to those I found interesting. However, seeing as I forgot to do that, I shall omit it from the ‘To Do’ list.)

3/15_RouteA) RAW, B) Tatte, C) Superb, D) Kyra’s Apartment, E) Chris’s Apartment, F) Coolidge Corner

Additionally, it should be noted that I was also slated to see The Grand Budapest Hotel* with my sister that night (last night). However, this was not until 7:30pm and seeing that I only had three things to do, my plan was to: go into the city, do the three errands, go home and relax, and then go back in later when it was time for the movie. (I didn’t want to wait around for hours bumming around Boston doing nothing until the movie started).

As I plotted my course for the day on Google Maps, I received a text from my Mum asking when I was planning on going into the city. She had gone in earlier to give some mail to my sister and was now going to be coming home. I told her I had to shower, but that otherwise I was ready to go. So, we devised a plan where as I would get showered and dressed, she would get on the train and take it home, I would then drive to Oak Grove to meet her and give her the car thus simultaneously “picking her up” and dropping myself off. This went exactly as plan and set into motion a series of events that would lead to a very stressful and hectic day.

*Kyra and I had gone the night previous (Friday 3/14) to see GBH. However, Kyra, who got to Coolidge before me, found that tickets for the show we wanted to see (the 8pm showtime) were already sold out. So, she had to get tickets for the 10pm. When we went to go into the theatre, the line to get in was down the side of the building and around the corner. We eventually got in and actually found good seats, however, after getting no more than 20 minutes into the film, they stopped it due to a bad projection.

So, knowing I had to catch a train and that even if the 10pm show had run smoothly, I’d be cutting it close, we decided to get a refund, or rather exchange our tickets for the 7:30pm show the next day (yesterday). This, along with other incidents that I frankly don’t have the time or interest to go into right now, should have been a sign that that day was ill fated and that the next day -yesterday- would, in all likelihood, be ill fated too (especially since it was to be the Ides of March).

Porter/RAW – The first stop on my list (as you already know) was the RAW skate shop in Porter Square. (2pm)

The backstory is that I had seen a pair of shoes on The Hundreds website that I wanted, but didn’t know a store that sold them. I saw on The Hundreds website that my nearest retailer was the RAW skate shop. I began to look into RAW, but whenever I would Google Map them, I always got two different results for there location. This should have been a sign. Then when I called them, I got no response; this should have been a sign. Then, when I e-mailed them I got no response; this too should have been a sign. I decided, against my better judgement, to try and check out the location still listed on their website.

Porter SqPorter Square

Upon my arrival at Porter Square I was greeted by warm weather. I walked the short distance from the station to the Elm Street address. When I got there however, the building was empty. The door was open, but I did not go in. (I later realized I should have as it would have saved me a lot of time; hindsight and whatnot). The weather was so nice and I didn’t want to waste it, so I decided to walk down Somerville Ave to see if I could find them at the other location. I walked pretty far until eventually I gave up. I then walked all the way back to the first location and went in. I got the attention of the woman working inside and was informed that RAW was RIP and that they were online only. I wished her luck at her new location and made my way back to the Red Line.

Tatte - I took the train inbound to Kendall and walked the short distance to Tatte Cafe and Bakery. I was hungry anyway, but I figured since I was in town and in the area, I might as well try and drop in on my friend Lena, uninvited. As it turned out, I picked the one day she wasn’t working. However, I was still able to get food, and, in spite of it being expensive, it was really good. Also, Tatte is a really well designed cafe, so, the experience was worth it. (3pm)

Walk- after eating at one of the tables outside, I made my way back towards the Red Line, however, along the way, I was distracted by this seemingly new construction project. I came across an outdoor ice skating rink, and ended up near the small dock they use to rent kayaks in the summertime. The weather was so nice that I decided to walk across the Longfellow bridge and back to Boston. Once there, I took the foot bridge over Storrow Drive and walked along the Charles.

I kept thinking about heading more into the city to hop on the train, but I kept walking. I kept thinking, it’s not that far, the weather’s nice, and I have plenty of time. As I walked, I was passed by a Dad on a bike being followed by his two sons. Shortly after passing me, the younger one -the last one- fell. The father, who was not looking back, kept on riding. A group of people gathered around the kid. I began to run after the father, but before I could get close enough, someone else yelled to him and got his attention. The little scene was causing a bit of a crowd. I knew my presence would not be of any help, there were already enough people there (to help), so I kept walking.

Once I reached the Arthur Fiedler bridge, I crossed back over Storrow Drive and made my way up [down?] Beacon towards Kenmore Square. I kept on Beacon until I reached Berkeley Street which I used to cut over to Commonwealth Ave. I continued up [down?] Comm Ave, eventually making my way to the grassy middle section. As I walked however, ominous clouds rolled in and the day got dark and chilly.

Eventually I made it to Kenmore Square and onward, down Beacon towards Superb. As I made my way towards the Beacon Street Bridge (that crosses over the Mass Pike) it began to drizzle. I was nervous because I was wearing my leather Member’s Only jacket and I know that leather’s not supposed to get wet. However, I didn’t know how strict a rule that is and if they mean wet at all, or just to not let it get drenched. Luckily it never got worse that a drizzle and cleared up by the time I was halfway across the bridge.

Superb- I arrived at Superb at around 4:40pm (I’m guessing). The man Jason, whom I’d been dealing with whenever I looked at bikes there, was not working so I instead dealt with a man -Justin- whom I’d never met before. I told him what I was looking for and he had me stand over one frame, then stand over another to get my size. I found the exact bike I wanted, only it was in black and the one I had in mind was white.

He then showed me a white Schwinn in my size and let me test ride it. When I got back he said, “So you want it?” No, I was thinking, not only was it $100 more than the one I wanted, but I was set on that brand. It was the brand I was interested in more than the color. The fact that it was white was not going to change my mind. I then test rode the black Pure Fix I had stood over before. I told him this was the one that I wanted and asked if they had any in white. A search of their inventory yielded no results.


This was fine. Twas not my plan to buy and take home a bike that day (yesterday) anyway. My plan was to have them order a white one from the website and that I’d put a down payment on it and pick it up at a later date. However, when they told me that the white was out of stock on the Pure Fix website and that it probably wouldn’t be back in stock again for another 6 months, I decided that black wasn’t so bad and ended up buying it. (I think overall this was the better choice). I had them do a front brake delete and then asked for a bag (in which to hold the brake and brake assembly) and was on my way.

Things went all downhill from here.

Bike to Kyra’s- I knew Kyra was set to get out of work at 5pm, so, when I left the shop (at 5:08pm) I texted her asking if she was planning on going back to her apartment before going to the movie. I had already began biking towards her apartment  when she texted me back. “No” she responded. Now I was screwed. Not only did I have to hold the brake assembly in the zip-lock back they gave me while also holding the handlebars, but on top of that my feet and legs were cramping up from walking all day and from having not ridden a bike in so long.

If I knew they wouldn’t have had a real bag for me to hold the parts in, I wouldn’t have had them take off the front brake. I’d have come back and had them do it another time. On top of that I couldn’t get a real bag from a  convenience store because I couldn’t leave the bike outside because it would get stolen. I didn’t have my lock with me because I wasn’t planning on actually getting the bike that day (yesterday) and I didn’t want to buy a new one where I have a perfectly good one at home. Plus I assumed that I’d be able to leave my bike at her apartment during the movie. If I knew what the case was -with Kyra- I’d have asked if I could have left the bike at Superb and just come back today to pick it up.

By the time I got another call from Kyra, it was too late and would have taken me too long to get back to Superb. I asker her to call her roommate to see if she was home and could let me in. In the meantime I kept biking. I made my way to her apartment (near-as-makes-no-difference, Washington Street; B-Line stop) in Brighten, only to hear that her roommate was not answering her phone. I was able to make my way into the building, thanks to the help of an older woman who was on her way out. I banged on the door hoping Paige -her roommate- was inside and just hadn’t heard her phone ring.

Meanwhile, the woman who’d let me in was waiting in the front lobby area to see if I’d get in. She might have just been trying to be courteous, or waiting for a ride, but I took it as she was watching me, as in had her eye on me, to make sure I wouldn’t cause any trouble; that I wasn’t lying about who I knew in the building. It is a bit suspicious that Kyra happens to live in the immediate first door on the right -apartment #1- when you enter the building. After waiting for about a minute, to no avail, I exited the apartment.

I sat on the front stoop and called my friend Chris who I knew lived nearby. He didn’t answer his phone. I then called my friend Simon, Chris’s roommate, but he too did not answer his phone. (All this was happening around 5:45pm; I’m guessing). I then called Kyra and said not to try and come for me. I didn’t want to screw her up and screw her out of seeing the movie again.

Then, magically, I got a call back from Chris. I briefly explained the ordeal and he said it was cool for me to stop by and leave the bike at his place. The only catch was that he was going to a party that night and so he was potentially not going to be home by the time the movie was over and so I might not be able to pick up my bike until the next day (today). I was fine with this; I was just elated that something was finally working out.

I high-tailed it to Chris’s apartment (near-as-makes-no-difference, Packards Corner; B-Line stop), dropped off my bike, then jogged to the McDonalds near the Harvard Ave (B-Line stop) to meet up with Kyra.

Walked to Coolidge- This was, I’m guessing, around 6:15pm. We were basically in the clear all we had left to do was to get from the McDonalds to Coolidge Corner before 7:30pm. And, being that it is only about a 15 minute walk, we were in the clear. I only had one other stress I was dealing with or thinking about or that was on my mind, BUT, this story is already long enough as it is.

So, Kyra and I got to Coolidge Corner in plenty of time. I was able to get a drink that I so desperately needed. Then -at 6:41pm- I got a text from my friend who was at a different theatre and had just gotten sold out of, you guessed it, The Grand Budapest Hotel. This was a weird coincidence solely because I had had a feeling I was going to run into her at this show.

Finally, after many trials and tribulations, we saw the movie. It was good, not amazing, but fun. Once it was over I called Chris and, to my pleasant surprise, he hadn’t left for the party yet. He said  he wasn’t leaving for another half hour and that I could come by to pick up my bike. I had Kyra come with me so she could carry the front brake assembly back to her apartment (so I could pick it up some time later).

We walked back to his apartment, and, after a quick pee, I grabbed my bike, thanked Chris, and left. I  gave Kyra the brake and walked her to Packard’s Corner where we parted ways. I then biked back through the cold to the Mass Ave T stop, waited for the train, and biked home.

I later found out that Paige had been there the whole time, but she was showering and couldn’t hear me knocking. If I’d waited a bit longer, I’d have gotten in. It obviously all worked out in the end, it was just an ordeal and a half, and way more stress than I wanted to deal with.

Sidenote: I toats should have used Rove (app) to document this journey.

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The Promised Land

I had heard about Soulelujah from a friend many moons ago. Since then I have always wanted to check it out. Well, last night, it finally happened. Me and a small crew ventured out to Zuzu in Central Square to have our souls cleansed. It was a great night packed wall-to-wall with people and everyone was dancing. This is my type of scene.


Time Travelers by Soulelujah on Mixcloud

My only complaint was that the ladies, in their groups, seemed as usual, more intrested in dancing with each other than dancing with me. I figured that if you’re at a soul night, you’re probably pretty chill. I don’t know, maybe I need to be more aggressive. Either way it was still a great time and I had fun just listening to the music and “dancing with myse-elf.”

All of this just reminds me of these lyrics from Led Zeppelin’s song Celebration Day: “My, my, my, I’m so happy, I’m gonna join the band, we’re gonna dance and sing in celebration, we’re in the promised land.”

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