My Burning House

I’m sure you’re aware of the internet trend of taking hipster photographs of the material possessions you would save from your “burning house.” Well I’m sad to say I’ve taken one of theses photographs. It was an expiremental thing, it only happened one time, we were in college, I don’t want to get into it. Anyway, I am mainly just posting this becuase it includes the SMASH headband that I neglected to put in my previous post.

The items (from top left): 15 in MacBook Pro (complete w/Bodega sticker), Limited Edition Luke Skywalker Star Wars x Adidas, Panasonic headphones, box of Salt Water Taffy (filled with photos, baseball cards, and concert tickets), Western Digital external hard-drive, 30 gig iPod Classic, Eastern Boarder sunglasses, and of course, the headband. Aah, consumerism.

PS this is not what I would save, there’d be much more, I’m that vein. + I forgot the obligatory passport!


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