Nahant Adventure

What was supposed to be a 22 mile (roundtrip) adventure turned into a 33.7 mile trek. For REAL bicyclists this would be nothing, but for me, a casual bicyclist who generally does 10 miles, this was a killer and I’m very proud of myself for completing it. (Keep in mind I did NOT do this on the hi wheel, I used my BMX bike. That would have been suicide).

I didn’t want to waste my sunday off from work and I’d been wanting to go on a Nahant adventure for a while now, so, I seized the day. After a cursory glance at Google maps and a quick check of what I thought was all my supplies, I left the house. I realized too late that I’d forgotten my camera (which is why there are no pictures of this excursion) and my written directions at home.

To be honest, I’m not sure the directions would have helped because even though I remembered the street I was supposed to turn down (and had even done a street view of it) I still biked right past it.  In fact, I rode an extra 3 miles down Western Ave and crossed the line from Lynn into Salem before realizing that I’d made a big mistake. I eventually found my way, but the mistake had cost me a total of 6 additional miles (3 miles of mistake and 3 to backtrack). On top of that, when I got to Nahant I rode around a bit to look at the scenery. What was supposed to take me 11 miles to get from my house to Nahant took -according to my bike computer- 19.96 miles! I was surprisingly not very tired and even went down to the rocks which I climbed out on.

I love Nahant because it’s like a douche-y little upper crust version of Cape Cod or Gloucester, only closer to home. Near the end of the town there are some huge mansions, one of which had a Ferrari 458 parked out front. I was sorry I didn’t bring my camera because the day was sunny and the sights were quite… well, picturesque.

However, I think taking a break combined with more strenuous leg activity lead to my downfall, as the ride home was brutal. I took a route that was a little longer but one that I knew better (through Revere and down Squire road) on the way home. The last two miles took all my energy and it didn’t help that the wind was blowing in my face, slowing me down. However, as I write this and think about the adventure I had, I can’t help but think that I want to do it again.


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