You’re Missing The Point

Pay no attention to the naked bodies in the background. What you should be looking at are the letterforms in the foreground. Those are the interesting bits. Often times when I go to an opening at Fourthwall Project, or any art gallery, I’m amazed by the artwork that is for sale and the prices that they are selling for. I feel like if you can find a trend or market that is untapped then you may be able to con people out of a lot of money to buy into it. Isn’t that what being an artist is all about?

Well, I’ve been working on a concept that may be the ticket. The way I see it, graffiti and street art are a fairly hot topic. I -as a grpahoc designer- have always been fascinated by letterforms in three dimensional space (like the V and the P pictured above). However, to my knowledge, no one has thought to make 3D sculptures of what their 2D tag names (which emulate 3D) would look like as tangible objects.

I’ve taken one of my tag names -an anagram pronounced “seven-nasty” one way, and “31SouL” or “B1SouL” the other way- and made a scale model mock up of what it could potentially look like.

What I’ve found time and time again when it comes to art or graphic design is that simpler is often better. Some of the most genius and eye catching designs are the ones that are minimalist. This idea is quite simple. Make a bunch of different size sculptures of my tag name -from as small as the V and the P, to as large as “I amsterdam“- and sell them to collectors. What do you think?


While searching for shadow graffiti on March 4, 2013 I found this pic

graffiti letters shadow 14

of course this idea has already been done : (


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