I’ve noticed when going out to a bar, restaurant, or club with a group of friends that there is a certain behavior which always plays out. Almost every time, at least one person will take out various objects from their pockets and leave them on the table. The objects include, but are not limited to: cell phones, keys, cigarettes, and lighters.

What boggles me about this behavior is the subtextual meaning behind it. Is it a means of status or hierarchy? Is whomever has the most stuff on the table the alpha of the group? Why can these items not simply remain in ones pockets? Why must they be left in disarray on the table on display for all to see? It is not really a negative thing, nor does it “grind my gears” per se. It is merely an observation that I find interesting.

By the way, this is the sort of random shit this blog sinks to when I have nothing hi wheel related to write about for the day.


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