Just Left of Center

You may have noticed if you’ve looked at my Links page that one of the links is not clickable. Just Left of Center is an idea I had for an art gallery that would also double as a spot for shows (local bands/concerts) and film screenings to take place. The idea was inspired by the trip to LA I took last summer during which time I visited Royal/T and Gallery 1988. Additionally Fourthwall Project has been a big inspiration in making me want to start a gallery of my own.

Oddly enough, this place -the Lincoln Arts Project– in Waltham seems to be very similar. A little indie gallery in a suburban city.

I have a bunch of friends who have -combined- enough artwork to fill a small gallery. Additionally I thought that it would be cool to hold events for local artists to curate their own shows and do installations directly on the walls of the gallery. I also thought it might serve as a cool after school/cultural center where students could work on a wide range of art pieces. I even thought it might be cool to have screen printing classes.

The ideas go on and the possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, the dream has been put on hiatus due to a severe lack of funding and knowledge about what the heck I’m doing in regards to starting a small business. I was initially going to try and have a website coded for me (based on designs I made in Adobe Illustrator) so JLOC (pronounced “jay-lock”) could start as a web presence and perhaps morph  into a real thing. However, getting someone to do even that proved too difficult.

Points from my Business Plan

The idea for the gallery came from leaving the college setting and realizing just how much there is to do there all the time. Whether it be an open mic, an art exhibit, or just a band playing a house party, there was always something going on. It also came from my need to do something with my life. I -like many others- have tons of dreams and goals that I have wanted to achieve, but -like many others- never seem to get around to making them realities. I thought that if I could get this done and contribute my self to this effort in order to make it actually happen, that I would feel good about haveing done at least something with my life.

Goal/Mission Statement:

Revitalize the art culture in Melrose, particularly amongst young people. Provide a community center and a place for constant activity in this not so active town. Give young people something to do with their time rather than drink. Unite the city with a place that is inviting to all and that anyone can benefit from.


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