Steam Machine

HWS attended the Watch City -or Steam Punk- Festival in Waltham today. It was a lot of fun and both me and my mini hi wheel felt right at home there. We were immediately welcomed into the scene, meeting two fellow Steam Punks at the train station who were on the way to the festival as well.

One of the first things that happened when we (me and my new friends) arrived was asked to be interviewed. This was shot right after to interview took place.

Unfortunately there were no other hi wheelers there! My plan to start a gang of olde timey Droogs was foiled. At the same time, because I was the only hi wheeler there, it made me all the more popular. I have never been asked to take more photographs in my life. I even did two interviews! Almost everyone I passed gave me a compliment and many stopped me to ask questions. Finally I was able to unleash my business cards and send said people to this site for their answers.

With the amount of “selling” I was doing, I think RBR (the company that sold me my mini hi wheel) should give me commission for every bike sold out of the New England area because of me, or make me an East coast sales rep. I met at least five or ten people who seemed seriously interested in obtaining a hi wheel of their own.

This guy was selling sweet light fixtures.

But enough about me, the fest had a lot to offer. Being new to the steam punk scene I didn’t know what to expect. To be honest I would say I was [am?] a bit of a poseur. Though my hi wheel tied me to the victorian era, my clothes were more reminiscent of a Duffer. There were no cogs or gears or any real work that went into my character.

This old car featured a STMPNK license plate.

Though I always been a fan of SP, I’ve only ever admired it from afar. My being there was -admittedly- mainly a means to show off the bike. That being said, seeing all the incredible costumes and unique artwork and inventions made it well worth attending.

I really only got to see a few of the concerts, I visited the museum, and participated in the Victorian Tea dance (which took place in the museum). I didn’t get around to very many of the events per se.

This guy was one of the many creative people at the festival who had created a “prosthetic arm” for himself.

The pictures I took were hastily taken, due to the fact that I can never balance immersing myself in the experience and making time to make photographic memories. I didn’t even stay long enough to attend the poetry open mic (which I would have loved), pub crawl, or to see the mermaid. I had, at that point “seen it all” and was not in the mood to stick around.

In the Moody Street Mills, one of the lofts was home to Steam Machine Sculpture. This was one of several little steam powered machines.

But, none of that mattered. As I keep saying I had a great time and in all honesty, it was more about the people I met than about the actual things I did. All in all, the Watch City Festival was a success.

PS yes the title of the post is a reference to the Daft Punk song.


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