Boston Hi Wheel

Boston Hi Wheel is an idea I’ve had for a long time for the name of a bike shop that would specialize in selling hi wheel bicycles. Just as is the case with JLOC, I don’t have any knowledge about how to start a business. Additionally, I thought that with the economy being the way that it is, starting a business that specializes in selling a luxury item -a frivolity, a “something you don’t need”- would be a rather fruitless endeavor. However, after seeing all the attention my mini hi wheel received at the Watch City Festival, I’m thinking it might not be such a bad idea after all.

Having a small little boutique type shop in Boston or Cambridge might be a perfect fit. It would cater to several markets, penny farthing enthusiasts, steampunks, and mustache aficionados. It could be a physical location for Ridable Bicycle Replicas (they would be our supplier) bikes to be sold on the East coast. The shop would have at least one example of each size that the hi wheel is made in. There would also be a palette showing the different colors that the bikes could be painted in; Royal Red, Oxford Blue, British Racing Green, etc. There would even be hi wheels for rental.

In addition to selling and renting penny farthings, Boston Hi Wheel could also sell things like mustache wax (for those of us who rock handlebars), Victorian era clothes (top hats, coats with tails, corsets for the ladies, etc.), and other steampunk nick-knacks such as the things being sold at the Watch City Festival yesterday. Now all I need are some partners and backers to help me get this thing off the ground.

Sidenote: the logo above is just a preliminary thumbnail. For a better idea of what I was inspired by and what I would want the store to look like, check out the [adult swim] game Victorian BMX.


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