Suicide + Bicycles = SUICYCLES; that’s the name of the bike club I’m a part of. Though I was not able to assemble a team of Droogs at the Steam Punk Festival, I was able to find a bicycle club to join. While talking to my friend whom I hadn’t spoken to for a while, she told me that she had formed a club of bicyclists. I was so jealous because a) that’s what I had been trying to do, and b) because the name she had come up with was so punk rock and so sweet. However, I decided to not let this get to me and instead join ’em.

I immediately got down to branding them. My thoughts instantly went to jean jackets with the sleeves cut off, trucker hats, and skinny jeans. I felt that a name as hardcore as this deserved, not a logo, but a bitchin’ patch.

Additionally I was inspired by this video.

I know it has nothing to do with biking, but I think the spirit is the same. On another note, all this punk energy makes me wish I still had my lip pierced.


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