Yet Another Scheme

The idea of making replica Daft Punk helmets has been done. There are many people on the internet who have made or are selling replicas. However, there has never been a company that has come out with Officially Licensed DP helmets. This needs to happen.

I don’t know if it is just me who is interested in these sorts of things, but it seems there is a huge market for making movie props or things from TV shows availiable for sale to the public. For example, when the Marty McFly Nike Air Mags from Back to the Future: Part II went on sale this past September, there was pandamonium in the sneaker world. Though DP have a bit more of a cult following (their fan base probably grew after the release of Tron Legacy) and are lesser known that BttF, I know that there would still be a market out there for a few hundred pair of officially licensed, limited edition Daft Punk helmets.

This guy (volpin props) has, in my opinion, the best replica DP helmets out there.

The negative is that -according to him- they’re not for sale. However, I’m sure with a little persuading and some funding, that wouldn’t be an issue. Also, in addition to making a limited number of fully functional DP helmets, I’m sure there would also be a market for  cheaper (I’m taking Target store quality, plastic Iron Man mask type cheap ) DP helmets. Who’s with me?


To an even smaller and more specific audience, I propse this, a motorcycle helmet based on the one worn by the character Celty from the anime Durarara! These too have been made by fans, but, to my knowledge there are no officially licensed versions of them available. This would probably be more difficult to hack as the cross section of motorcycle riders who watch Durarara! and would be willing to sport a cat eared helmet is, I’d imagine, quite small. There might be some fans of the show who don’t ride motorcycles who would still want one just to have as a display or for cosplay, but still. The other problem this prop would face would be getting it SNELL or DOT approved.

I guess I’ll have to go back to my original plan for both of these if I ever want to own them, Kidnap a Mass Art student and force them to make these for me. Or, if there are any Mass Art kids reading this, I will totally NOT kidnap you and pay you handsomely to make me one or all of these. Do it for your senior thesis and then sell it to me for a nominal fee. I’ll even pay for materials!


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