Boston Adventure

I’ve always wanted to bike into Boston from Melrose but I never knew a route. As it turns out the route is very straightforward and easy. Essentially you take Main Street all the way through Melrose, Malden, and Everett to Route 99, then you just keep going through Charlestown and eventually end up in the North End. (To see the route I took, click here). I had three locations that I wanted to check out while in the city, so I made them part of my adventure.

The first was Louis, a clothing store on the waterfront near the ICA. I had heard about them while trying to find a retail location for PF Flyers. In any case I finally decided to go there today. It was a very posh and high end clothing store. I was the first and only person in there when they opened at 11 and felt very out of place. I felt as though I was being watched the whole time and judged by the staff who was wondering if I could afford anything in the store. This was an accurate assumption as the average price for a neck tie was $150. However, I can finally say I’ve been there and it’s cool to know that if I ever have money, Boston has a shop where I can spend a lot of it

Next I made my way to the Grand Circle Gallery but it didn’t open until noon, so I moved on to what was going to be my third destination, Polkadog. Polkadog is one of the shops currently being featured at Target. Being that they are a Boston based company I wanted to check them out in person. The shop is a cute little boutique in the South End. The upstairs is filled with all sorts of dog foods and treats that -if they didn’t smell so bad- look good enough to eat. They even carried some cat food. The downstairs was a cool little room that had doggie toys. The woman I spoke to, Sara, was nice enough to let me take a few pictures.

After I was done poking around the shop, I made my way back to Grand Circle Gallery. I found out about the GCG through the New England School of Art and Design’s graphic design blog. A few of the students got their work into the GCG for an exhibit that features modern/vintage travel posters. Essentially new designs made to look or be in the style of vintage travel posters. The exhibit was really neat because it combined my love of airplanes and travel with my love of graphic design.

In addition to featuring the aforementioned posters, the exhibit featured the gallery’s own collection of actual vintage travel posters, old luggage, old and new stewardess uniforms, and a few documentaries* about the history of air travel. For a nerd who loves all things aviation, this was an excellent exhibit. The exhibit will run until August and will then move to Logan Airport.

After having visited all of my destinations, I began my trek home. All said and done the trip took me 23.39 miles.

*One on what “future” terminals would be like from the 1960s, one about Pan Am, and one about Air New Zealand’s research into new seat design.

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