Scheme Machine

So, apparently I’m not the only one interested in “schemeing” these days. In fact there is now an entire website dedicated to “schmeming.”

I just saw this on YouTube and the fact that it had the word scheme in it (a word I use often) and a handlebar mustache logo was all I needed to draw me in. The difference between this Schemer website and my schemes is that theirs seems more like a “bucket list” or a “to do” activities list. (I don’t know for sure, I haven’t cheked it out in full yet. I literally only watched the video.)

However, my schemes* are more like business plans that I would want readers of this blog to see and then offer to help me make realities (almost like Kickstarter). Thus schemer seems a bit unsuitable for my needs. But, like I said, I need to do more research.

*To see all my Schemes look for an off white box on the right hand side of the webpage titled Schemes.


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