Paris Aux Minuit

I’m an “ideas man” of sorts. I’m always coming up with ideas but I rarely execute. My hope by posting these “schemes” on here is that they will gain steam and that perhaps -thanks to the support of my creative followers- they will get a chance to finally see the light of day.

This next scheme is directly stolen from the film Midnight in Paris. The idea is to make a sort of speakeasy type club in Paris. The club would be very exclusive and patrons  would arrive by invite only. Just like in the movie, the club would be 20s themed and guests would be picked up in “mysterious locations” by “mysterious cars” driven by “mysterious chauffeurs.” The windows would be covered so you would never know where the club was. At the end of the night you’d then be driven home by the same cars and chauffeurs.

The thing about this idea, along with all my others is that I don’t have enough support to get them off the ground. The other aspect is the fact that I feel as though my readers, you people, don’t believe that I actually am serious about them and want to make them -with your help- realities.

Sidenote: Midnight in Paris is a great movie, I highly recommend it. I am not a Woody Allen fan, but this film was excellent.


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