Up Adventures

While watching the special features [on the Blu Ray] for Disney/Pixar’s movie Up, I was inspired to go on an adventure to “Paradise Falls.”* In one of the special features the crew of animators document how they went to the real location where the action in the movie is supposed to take place (specifically where the house is supposed to land) in Venezuela.

My crappy photoshop job of placing Carl Fredricksen at Angel Falls; the real location of where Up is supposed to take place.

After watching the special feature I was filled with “the spirit of adventure.” Seeing the crew hike up the tepuis combined with the emotion of the movie and the feeling of exploration gave me the idea to want to start a travel/tour company called  Up Adventures. The goal of this company would be to set up some sort of tour that vacationers could book which would allow them to explore the tepuis just like Carl, Russell, and Dug (the dog) do in the movie.

Just remember explorers, “Adventure is out there!”

*In Up, Angel Falls is referred to as Paradise Fall, probably because they thought the name was more fanciful.

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