New England Drift School

New England Drift School or NEDS is an idea my buddy and I came up with. As fans of the motorsport drifting, with nowhere to drift and no cars to drift in, we thought it would be cool if a place existed nearby that provided those things for us.

We’ve attended a couple events held by Drift Spot at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway, but we feel an actual driving school with professional instructors and real mechanics would be better suited to fit ours and other’s needs.

The Idea would be to get sponsors and financial backers that could help pay for the initial cost of set up. We’d want to be able to allow drivers to bring their own cars as well as use the schools (ultimately, Ford Mustangs). In addition it would be cool to host “free days” where anyone could come and drift. You’d have to pay but it would be free meaning you wouldn’t have to take a class, just a drift day for any experience drivers to partake in.

Sidenote: I designed the New England Drift School logo featured near the top of the post. Unfortunately it will probably never get used as I doubt this scheme will ever be put into action. However, to see more of my graphic design work, click here.



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2 responses to “New England Drift School

  1. Dan

    Any progress on this? I need a place to learn around here.. 😛

  2. hiwheelscene

    As of now it is not something I am working on. However, I think Club Loose holds clinics at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

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