I’ve been wanting to add original HWS wallpaper to this site so that HWS fans could diplay their love for my blog on their desktop. Unfortunately, the only ideas I’ve had have been rubbish. The problem I’m running into is that the design language I’ve established for HWS is based on minimalism. Thus all I keep coming up with is plopping my hi wheel bike logo in the center of a white background and it’s honestly not very inspired or interesting.

So once again* I find myself stealing from -I mean “borrowing” from- Invisible Creature. I am giving them full credit for this design and I’m only taking credit for the idea of making it easliy accessible to the public. I saw this miniature (paper) set on their blog and thought that the backgroung on the Mac was genius. Thus I re-created a replica which is the current wallpaper on my computer. To “download” it, just click on the picture and drag it onto your desktop. The dimensions are 1440 x 900.

*The other time I borrowed from them was when I first found out about their company. I saw the design they did for the Can’t Look Away exhibit at the EMP in Seattle and wanted to replicate it for myself. This was the result.

Sidenote: this background will not stop you from procrastinating.


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