Epic Ride

I’ve been doing a post a day for the past month or so now and I didn’t plan on missing a day today. However, I’m cutting it close (11:27 pm) because I actually had a life today. I went on a ride into Boston with a friend today, however, instead of just turning around and coming home the way I came he showed me a new way home.

We went along Storrow Drive on the bike path that runs parallel to the Charles. Next we crossed the bridge (not the Longfellow, the other one) into Cambridge. From there we rode through the squares -Central, Harvard, Porter, and Davis- and ended up at Red Bones.* After a pulled pork sandwich and a glass of Magic Hat #9 we continued home through Medford and Malden and ended up back in Melrose. It was a long and hot 22 miles and the last 8 were tough with a stomach full of beer and pulled pork, but it was a cool little adventure.

*Red Bones is having a bike party on June 4th.


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