CVLT x Jokers of the Scene x HWS

Ok, let me see if I can get this (the history) straight.


Every year at the New England Auto Show, Scion hands out free CDs. Because they are a “hip” company, or at least try to appeal to a young crowd, these CDs usually feature artists you’ve (or at least I’ve) never heard of. Typically the music has a sort of an urban, dance, hip-hop type feel to it. The last one I got was from 2008 and was called Scion CD Sampler Vol. 22 (I also have volumes 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 17, all of which are really solid). Volume 22 was put out by Fool’s Gold.*

While at work, I got one of the tracks off of Scion CD Sampler Vol. 22 stuck in my head. I listened to it the next day and, while listening to it, went to the Fool’s Gold website to see what was new since I hadn’t visited it for months. I thought I’d check the events page to see if Duck Sauce or Flosstradamus (also a featured DJ of the Scion CD Sampler series; specifically he mixed Volume 17) were coming to Boston soon. As it turned out, there was going to be an event two days from when I was looking at the events page at the Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge.

Though it didn’t feature either of the aforementioned artists, it did feature the Fool’s Gold artist Jokers of the Scene* (who I knew about because they are on, you guessed it, Scion CD Sampler Vol. 22)! I instantly went to the Middlesex Lounge website to get more info on the event. However, listed on June 4th it said nothing about Jokers of the Scene. All it said was Event: CVLT and Description: IT MAY BE DARK AHEAD.

This was filled with vague and shrouded in mystery. I think however, that the phrase “it may be dark ahead” was merely Middlesex Lounge’s idea of what could pass as an accurate description of the event. Also,with my friends help we figured out that CVLT must be the name of a weekly dance night  at Middlesex Lounge (just like how Throwed is the name of a weekly dubstep night at the Middle East).

REWORK THIS SENTENCE —> Additionally we found out that in addition to Jokers of the Scene performing or DJ-ing at this week’s CVLT we also found out that it was going to be hosted by this girl -Ashley Onoyan- who to me is just some broad, I don’t know if she’s someone famous or important, BUT it is apparently going to be her birthday that night.


Last night, a couple of my friends and I attended the CVLT at the Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge.

REWORK THIS SENTENCE —> Coincidentally it was celebrating some chicks birthday. This was a coincidence because the 4th was my birthday too.

As expected (due to the nature of the graphic design (by Ctrl Alt Design; I met him there) promoting the event, combined with the vibe I got from the one Jokers of the Scene song I know, combined with the secretive/vague/obscure nature of the event) the event was almost like a rave. It was a very strange environment and was a scene that I typically would not feel very comfortable with (and have never fully understood;This is where having a Hipster for Hire would come in handy to explain it all to me) but something about the mood and vibe hit me right and it was actually a lot of fun. Disoriented dancing about sums it up.

Regardless of EVERYTHING, the night ended up being a lot of fun and was one of the most memorable birthday’s I’ve had in years.

My friend Simon and I dance while Chris captures the moment. The night was sponsored by Narragansett so tall boys were free. My distaste for gansett led to the Red Stripe I’m drinking.


*I became familiar with Fool’s Gold because I used to watch How to Make it in America on HBO and Duck Sauce (famous for their song Barbra Streisand) was on it [I think]. In any case, one of the “special features” that was on HBO On Demand was a little bio type thing about Duck Sauce and Fool’s Gold. Though I hadn’t listened to the [Scion] CD since I got it, I decided I should give it a listen now that I knew more about it. Upon listening to it (earlier this year) I really liked it.

**It’s interesting that this group is called Jokers of the Scene as Hi Wheel Scene is sort of a big inside joke I have with myself which [sort of] makes fun of the scene while simultaneously trying to be a part of it.


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