Future Classic

Future Classic is many things to me. For one, it’s a cool phrase. Like Vertical Horizon or Original Fake it sounds cool as well as makes you really have to be listening and paying attention in order to see the (not so) hidden meaning behind it.

For another The idea of something made today that you know down the line will be considered a classic.* This can apply to anything from clothes to cars; a style that you can tell will one day be sought after.

The last is that FC could and should be a clothing brand. A company that specializes in making quality clothing with a mission that each peice will one day be considered vintage gold. I feel however that this, like many of my other ideas (ideas not necessarily on the website) is something that has already been done. I feel like “it’s all been done” and that’s why it’s so tough to come up with a fresh, creative, original idea that will grab the attention of a wide audience and get people to stop and pay attention.

*Anyone want to throw out some future classics, wether they already be classics (ex. members only jacket) or new (ex. Hyundai Veloster; a quirky cool car w/three doors that is a “hot hatch” and this generations VW Rabbit)?

Additionally, see what Bobby from Boston has to say in his little vid in regards to 60s vs 70s and 80s clothing.


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