Length x Width x Height

Custom Packaging, Think Inside the Box. That is the slogan for my latest scheme. The idea is to have a company that specializes in making custom styrofoam to fit any shape and then make a custom sized cardboard box in which your item could be shipped. The idea is that the styrofoam and box could be re-used.

Specifically I thought that this company could specialize in making custom boxes for bicycles so that the problem of how to get your bike from your home to your destination (easily and safely without having to disassemble it) would be solved. The bike could be brought -in box- to your local post office and shipped to the hotel at your destination a few days before your flight, so, by the time you arrive at your hotel, your bike is waiting for you safe and sound.

Perhaps Think Inside the Box  could be hooked up with local shipping comapnies so you don’t have to do any work at all. Also, maybe in addition to re-usable cardboard and styrofoam cases, perhaps they could also manufacture legit plastic outer shell “luggage” like cases (similar to guitar cases) with wheels. [See the one pictured in the upcoming link].

I’ve researched transporting a bicycle by plane as well as packaging and custom styrofoam companies. All of this research has been hastily done (as usual). I didn’t explore many options and I didn’t look super hard into what the companies [I have provided links for] actually provide for service. For all I know they might do exactly what I’m talking about. However, I feel that a company that gets [understands] bike people, and that gets that they want to travel with their bike, and that gets that disassembling and re-assembling a bike is a pain in the ass would be a very profitable venture.

As usual this idea isn’t fully baked. I’m essentially spitballing non-fully formed ideas. However, I feel that if I ever do build a community of loyal followers that perhaps our melting of minds could make one of these thing happen.

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