Your Own Backyard

People (myself included) are so concerned with what’s out there that they often forget that sometimes what they’re looking for is right in their own backyard. I’m sure this concept is not new and has been put in a more profound way in a book or a movie, but the concept is totally true. I was -for example- hi wheeling around Melrose/Wakefield today and I went down one of the side streets off of Main street. Just off of that I stumbled upon Kendrick Street. Nestled back there are really nice houses, one in particular that could basically be called a mansion. I’ve lived in Melrose my whole life, but due to my lack of investigatory skills or thoroughness, I had never been there before.

Additionally, while on a bike ride with a couple of my friends this past saturday, I discovered parts of Boston I’d never been to before. One of my goals this summer is to NOT go to all the same touristy locations in Boston, but rather explore the nieghborhoods, the side streets, the parts that lie just out of plain view. This is where city life really lives.

For a better explanation of the last two sentences, watch this clip; 3:15 -4:08 (the whole clip is worth watching, in fact the whole documentary is worth watching, it’s brilliant).

So, why am I telling you this, why am I bringing it up? I suppose in my own exploration and discovery of my own back yard I am encouraging others to take “the road not taken” and look into your “back yard” to discover what lies there.

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