MttS Confirmed

It’s official, in exactly 20 days, Hi Wheel Scene will embark on it’s biggest journey yet; Mini Takes the States. HWS is going to participate in half of Mini Takes The States (aka MttS).

What is MttS? MttS is a cross country rally that unites hundreds (and perhaps even thousands) of Mini Cooper owners in their love of the brand, the car, and driving in general. The trip starts on the East Coast, in New York (on the 4th of July) and ends on the West Coast, in Los Angles (on July 14th). My friend and I will be taking his Cooper S to Chicago and no further. Why? Two reasons, 1) cost* and 2) he has to be back at work by that Tuesday the 10th.

*The cost of the trip is a big factor in the trip itself. Part of what I am planning on reporting on is our respective financial standings. I am referring to this trip as “The Thousand Dollar Challenge.” Similar to a Top Gear Challenge (or more specifically, this; what they did for the 1000th episode of Fast Lane Daily) where we are given a budget at the beginning and it is our goal to not go over said budget.

My actual cash money budget. This shit is real.

My friend and I have made rough estimates -based on hotels, gas, tolls, food, the entry fee, and other unforeseen or miscellaneous expenses- and have found that it’s gonna be close. Keep in mind each hotel room cost (our goal is to spend $100 a night for hotels) will be split in two as each of us will pay for half. The same goes for gas and tolls. However, in addition to updating you on the money spent, I will also be keeping you informed on the fun road trip stuff that goes on.

This could end up being a bro-venture or a bro-tastrophy. Only time will tell.


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