MttS Money Breakdown

As you know, my goal for Mini Takes The States is to not spend more than a thousand dollars. Well, already I think that I’m either going to cut it to the penny or (more likely) go over. Initially my price estimates looked like this:

500 for hotels (divided by 2) = $250

400 for gas (divided by 2) = $200

100 for tolls (divided by 2) = $50

300 for food per person = $300

200 for miscellaneous* = $200

1,500 (after division) $1,000 = TOTAL PER PERSON

Here is my super official event ticket/registration form.

Initially the 500 dollars was based on 5 nights and hoping that each hotel would cost no more than 100 a night. Now however, we are finished booking the hotels and already things have changed a bit. Turns out we are staying at six hotels, which should have only bumped it up to $600 (divided by 2 = 300 each per person). However, though we were able to get a few rooms for less than the estimated $100 per night, a few of the rooms were more, bringing the total for hotels to ~$668 (or $334 per person).

This meant borrowing $84 from miscellaneous to make up the difference in hotel expenses ($250 + $84 = $334). Additionally, I had to pay $30 to register for MttS which also came out of my miscellaneous fund. Thus my original $200 has already dwindled down to $86 and we haven’t even packed the car yet. Needless to say, it’s gonna be tight, so for those of you keeping score, here are the the current money standings.

New Balances

664 (initially supposed to be only 500) for hotels divided by 2** = $334 spent (initially supposed to be only 250)

400 for gas divided by 2 = $200

100 for tolls divided by 2 = $50

300 for food per person = $300

200 miscellaneous = $200 – (30; spent for registration + 84; spent making up the difference in hotel expenses) = $86

$1,000 – $364 (334 for hotels & 30 for registration) = $636 Remaining


*MttS ticket/registration, extra hotel money, extra gas money, extra toll money, souvenirs

**some categories are divided by two because the cost is split between me and my buddy Pete


Sidenote: Gas estimated through extensive research and an Excel spreadsheet (based on average estimated MPG, gas prices, miles to travel, gallons per tank, etc.).

Tolls are a complete shot in the dark on my part.

Food money based on three meals a day at $10 a meal for 10 days. 10 (days) x $30 (dollars a day) = $300. I realize that we’re only traveling for 7 days, but it’s good to over-estimate.

Miscellaneous based on what was left over to make up the $1,000.

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