Another Shirt Idea

When the Nike Air Mags were released back in September, my friend and I were frantic to cash in on it. (Well, he wanted to cash in, I just wanted to be part of it). He wanted to buy the associated merch (pins, ceramic figures) and flip it for profit. (I would have kept it if I’d been able to get my hands on it). I wanted to make shirts to comemorate the event and -perhaps- sell them. The probloem is if I used the Nike logo it would be copyright infridgement and I’d get SUED.

So, I scrapped the idea of selling the shirts and thought, wouldn’t it be cool if I -at the very least- made one for myself so I could feel like I was part of this historicle movement. Unfortunately, the moment (as is the case with a lot of things I become infatuated with; see “I’ve Cracked It” post) passed. However, below are a couple versions of the Boot Leg Tee I wanted to screen print.


Other Links

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Nice Kicks (the history and all other info you’d really need)

Unboxing and review

Michael J. Fox Foundation

Pin (originally supposed to retail for $10; people were flipping them for upwards of $50)

Ceramic Figure (originally supposed to retail for $25[?]; people were flipping them for upwards of $300[?])

Kid Cudi on Conan

Michael J. Fox on Letterman

Also, this: Official Mattel Hoverboard Prop

PS this is old news, I just posting it now because I can.


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