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The vinyl toy scene is something that has caught my attention lately. While at the comic book shop in Salem I saw that in addition to having comic book character busts they also had some vinyl toys. This sent my head into several different directions: Royal/T (while there I saw some Kaws vinyl for sale), Bodega (where one can often find Be@rbrick vinyl), Invisible Creature, this guy (see vid below), Kid Robot* and probably a few others that I’m forgetting.

The vinyl toy scene is, I’m not gonna lie, a bit strange to me. It crosses the art world (street art/graffiti), the streetware scene, the toy collector scene, the comic book scene, the Japan scene, and probably a few others that I’m forgetting, and makes it okay for adults to buy toys. I guess they are considered “art” or “collectibles,” but still, it’s kinda strange. Regardless, I’m not hating; though I don’t fully understand how it all comes together, I still like it.

In any case, I’ve been looking into it (the vinyl toy scene) more and it’s gotten the cogs in my head to start cranking again. It brings me back to my 3D graffiti scheme and makes me think that I may have been onto something after all. I could combine one of my tag names (the artist) with my idea for an art gallery (the company) to make a profitable result which would look like this; 7nastE x Just Left of Center* x Vinyl Toy Scene. I could make a few different versions of the 3D graffiti; plain colors, graffiti colors (accenting the lines that aren’t there in 3D that are there in 2D), and of course the ever popular white, allowing you to design it. Additionally I could make them in several different sizes and charge a higher or lower price accordingly. Lastly, not only could I put out 3D vinyl of my other tag name, I could reach out to other graffiti artists and see if they wanted to be part of my- JLOC Presents: 2D to 3D; a graffiti inspired vinyl toy line.


*If JLOC were a real company it would be like Kid Robot in that KR curates and sells vinyl toys but it also makes them; JLOC would not only be an art gallery, it would also be a company or design studio that makes and sells it’s own merch.

See also: The Hermit post

NOTE: I may be the only person who is able to understand and de-code all the twists and turns that this post took in order to make its point.


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