Portal to New York

As a child, and even now, every time I see this sign (and accompanying tunnel) I think, “wouldn’t it be cool if that were a portal to New York City?” It’d be like, you drive into this dark tunnel and all of a sudden there is a bright light, and then bam, you’re in Manhattan. Sounds like the begining of a children’s book. This portal “hides in plane sight” like Autobots (skip to 21 seconds into the video) or platform 9 and 3/4. It’s in the middle of the city (on Huntington Ave) and yet only those who know it’s true secret and are able to enter it the right way are able to access the portal.

I hope that when my friend and I leave for MttS that we take this tunnel to confirm or deny wether or not this is in fact a portal to NYC. Regardless, I’ve never driven down it and I just want to see where it leads.

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