Jack Rabbit Slims

So seemingly a crude search would leave me to believe that there is not a real Jack Rabbit Slims restaurant in existence. Similar to my idea to make officially licensed Daft Punk helmets, I was thinking, why not make a real JRS restaurant? Pulp Fiction will be celebrating it’s 20th Anniversary in a couple years, why not start drawing up plans to make a super cheesy restaurant that everyone wants in their life. The layout is done for you and the special edition of the DVD comes with a menu.

This movie is a cult classic. This scene is what helped to make it famous. People are always going to want fantasy to be reality. To own props or costumes. To be able to visit sets. Movies are always going to be an integral part of peoples identities. Why not finally make this one a reality by completing the circle of life imitating art imitating life. I don’t even know why we’re having this discussion, let’s go people.

PS this isn’t random to me. I just caught part of Pulp on TV and it made me think of it. I’ve had this idea for a while.

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