Short Story Long

A series of coincidences has led me to this place. I don’t exactly remember what it was, but something made me decide to finally go down to my local library to check out a copy of Fight Club (the book). I have seen the movie numerous times and even borrowed FC (the book) from a friend in college but never got around to reading it. So, on June 9th I finally picked it up from the library.

I finished it a few days ago and then decided to wikipedia Chuck Palahniuk. I knew he had written a book called Invisible Monsters because a different friend of mine had read it our freshman or sophomore year of college and I was always intrigued by the cover.

This is the cover that intrigued me, however, there are -apparently- several others (you can google them). Also, just FYI the Remix has a different cover.

While looking through his bibliography I noticed that he had released Invisible Monsters Remix in 2012. Upon clicking it’s link I found out a few things. 1) he had never had a hard cover copy of Invisible Monsters released. So, part of this re-release was to finally put out a hard cover version. 2) he wanted the original book to be out of order and non linear, this version is that way. And 3) it was released on June 11th of 2012; two days after I had taken Fight Club out from the library. How weird is that?

Needless to say I am now reading Invisible Monsters Remix. However, upon taking it out from the library I noticed another weird detail. The MPL received the book on June 4th. Now I’m not surprised that they got it before it’s release date. All book stores and libraries get these things early so they’ll have them on shelf for the time of the release. What is surprising is the fact that they got it on my birthday. Just one more connection to my life.

SO, why am I telling you about my reading history and all the strange connections that are meaningless to you and really aren’t that big a deal and only focus on my life? Well, at the end of Fight Club, Palahniuk explains that the book started out as a short story. All the energy behind the characters and his unique writing style has inspired me to write a short story of my own.

Rather than do random posts of Tales From the Git, I’m going to conglomerate these slices of life and turn them into a short story. I guess you really didn’t need to know all of the above coincidences for me to tell you this.

Long story short, I’m in the process of writing a short story.

PS there is apparently going to be a graphic novel of Invisible Monsters Remix


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