In Regards

In regards to my plan to make ‘all things movies’ real (see Jack Rabbit Slims and Yet Another Scheme) I think I found a company that’s on my side and on the same brain wave. Omni Consumer Products is a “product development company” that focuses on “licensing, defictionalization, and reverse-branding.” Since I’ve been on a Chuck Palahnuik bender, I wanted to see if Fight Club soap existed. Low and behold, as of December 2011,* OCP makes it.

Additionally Think Geek who I’ve known about for years does this sort of thing too. They have the Red Swingline Stapler  (from Office Space) for sale on their site along with many other quirky items.

In regards to my shirt ideas, I always forget to check out Shirt.Woot or Threadless or Snorg tees.

Also, there doesn’t seem to be a set of “death cards” from Robert Duval’s platoon in Apocalypse Now. Why not?

In regards to all things great, thank you for existing.

Sidenote: I’d like to thank Laughing Sqiud for being quirky and pointing me in the right direction.  (I need a hipster for hire [link])

*I’m only 6 months late. However, I’d be 6 months early if I had a hipster for hire.


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