MttS Day 7: Chicago, IL to Melrose, MA Part II

Tuesday, July 10th

We started our drive at 9am by listening to East Bound and Down. We drove for a while and then, began to see signs for Niagara Falls. Pete had never been before and after a short back and forth discussion and quick pit stop to find out more details (how far out of the way it was, how to get there) we decided we’d take the detour.

We had to drive through Buffalo, NY to get to the American side of the falls. Along the way we passed the Ford Escape stamping plant. I had never been to Buffalo but it is very blue collar, very rundown, and very sketchy looking. The whole city felt very “post apocalyptic.” The buildings were all grimey oil refinery looking death machines. We passed Vulcan street (ell oh ell, Star Trek) as well as the Dunlop Tires HQ. There was also a sketchy little amusement along the way called Fantasy Island.

Eventually we got to the falls and paid $10 ($5 each) to park. The parking included a “free” souvenir (a shitty postcard) and a “free” map (which was also shitty and useless. We walked arouns and got some shots, but then we wanted to get a better view from the overhanging obsevation deck. We had to pay $1 to get onto the deck, so esentially we both paid $6 (between parking and the observation deck) to look at some water.

After this we drove until we reached Syracuse. There we stopped for fuel for not only the car, but also for ourselves. After the hour or so stop (we also stopped for about an hour at the falls) we continued driving. Along the way we passed Lockheed Martin. Jump to more driving and eventually getting onto the Mass Pike. The Inception soundtrack brought us to Melrose and we were at my house by 7:42pm.


PS I’m sure the story part of the trip isn’t super interesting for you, so, starting tomorrow or (more likely Friday) I’ll be posting pictures.

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