MttS Conclusion

Like I said, this trip was either going to be a broventure or a brotastrophy. I would say that overall, it was a broventure with the exception of the drama that took place in Chicago. The good news is, Pete didn’t come home in a body bag by my hand.

However, I think this scene (23 seconds in, to 2:07) sums up the feelings of our trip. I really just wanted an excuse to include it.

The places we went to and the things we saw were great, but the people we met and the friends we made were want made the trip great. So, to sum up: Mini Cooper, queer car right? The rally, actually not bad.

I unfortunately didn’t keep as good track of my spending as I thought I would. Even with my money seperated in envelopes and me rationing it out into my wallet -seperated by dividers- I still did too much borrowing from one sub category (food, gas, misc.) or another to know what the totals are for each sub category. So, I compiled the remaining money and figured out what I had spent.

Total trip costs: ~$896.

Since I came in under budget (the budget for the trip was $1,000) I was left with 104 dollars of spending money!

Total milage: ~3,035 miles

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