Pictures From Day 5

Louisville, KY to Chicago, IL

Wind Up Toy.

Tom and Izzy.


Solitary tree.

More corn.

We passed hundreds of windmills.


Another cool tree.

A side road off this two lane highway that led to one of the farms.

“We three blokes from BBC Two.”

—Autobahn Country Club, Joliet, IL—

Flat white Dodge Viper… and it was for sale!

Honda S2000 with sweet hood “scoops” for cooling.

Subaru BRZ (Subaru backwards is U R A BUS).

Ariel Atom

The Track.

Jameson, me, and his sons.

Pam, me, and Kelsey.

BMW 1M. Something about it, in the light, looked so good.


Sears (Willis) Tower

Driving into the city.

The Bean


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