Two Days Ago

I may have said this before, but I’m so tired of going into the Boston area and doing or seeing the same things. I feel like a tourist because I only know the touristy areas and never venture out into the “real Boston” even though I’ve lived here my whole life. Well, two days ago I was sick of being stuck in the house due to the heat, so I decided to join the heat and go into the city. I knew I wanted to ride one of the Green Lines (B, C, D, or E) to the end and just explore around that area, wherever that might be. E was eliminated because I’d been to Riverside once before and there’s nothing there. D was eliminated because as far as I could tell it was gonna take me to JP and unless I was gonna go to the Sam Adams brewery, I had no business there. B, Boston College, seemed too obvious, so I was left with C.

This is the route I walked.

Jump to me getting off at Cleveland circle only to realize that this is exactly where I had biked to during the Boston Marathon. However, since it hadn’t taken all my energy to get there and I didn’t need a ton of it to bike back, I decided to explore. After a little bit of walking around, I realized that it was basically a bunch of apartments occupied by BC students in a relatively shitty area. Also, clouds loomed and it threatened to rain. I decided after a bit of mental configuring, that I should just follow the B line (oh yeah, apparently the end of the C line runs a block or so away from the path of the B line. It sort of renders one of them useless as they basically run parallel to one another) back to Boston.

After a few minutes of walking down Comm ave it started to rain. I could have wussed out and hoped on the B line, but instead I let the rain cool me off. I passed a bunch of neat little shops and restaurants. At around 1412 Comm ave I passed a little French restaurant called Petit Robert Bistro. There are so many cool little places like this that I see and think “I should eat here one day” but I never write them down, and thus never make my way back to them. Plus I think that I need a girlfriend or at least a female companion to accompany me to these places, especially a place like this.

Jump to further down the road, the rain has let up a bit, and I’m in Allston. Allston is another place I’d like to explore a bit more. Kind of a shitty area and crawling with hipsters, but there seem to be a few rad little clothing stores, restaurants, and clubs to check out. Additionally, before I crossed the street I realized that I was standing outside Great Scott, a relatively noteworthy Allston venue. I make a left onto Harvard street and pass a cool clothing store and a sweet skate shop. A right onto Beacon and I’m making my way out of Allston and into more familiar territory.

Eventually I make my way past a building with large glass windows. Inside I can see some pretty unique artwork. I walk and and find out that this is The 808 Art Gallery, a BC gallery featuring artwork done by BC students. I take a half hour pit stop to admire the art and then head back out to Comm ave where a short while later I’m at an instantly recognizable intersection. To my left, across the street, is a bridge that leads to Cambridge, to my right is Essex street. I was at this same spot a month or so ago while on a bike ride. It’s moments like this that big connections are made inside my head and my mental map of the Boston area is puzzle pieced and stitched together.

Continuing down this side street and a few moments later another connection is made and I’m at the quiet backstreets behind the apartments on Beacon street where I’ve test ridden bikes from the Superb bicycle shop. I look at my watch after my stomach growls and realize it’s been hours since I’ve eaten [ate?]. It’s 4:10 and I’m near Kenmore square and therefore near-ish to the Boston Phoenix. I text my former PHX supervisor to see what time he gets off work to see if he wants to grab a beer and some food. A text back tells me I have an hour to kill so I spend it taking the long way from where I am to the Phoenix office on Brookline ave in the recently-stared-back-up heavy-rain.

Jump to me waiting in the lobby. Jump to Kevin coming out to greet me and me waiting at his desk while he ties up the loose ends of the work day. Shortly after, we hoof it to Cornwalls, a pub in Kenmore Sq where we get some Newcastles and fries. Couple that with a few hours of catch up talk and then we hop on the train to head back home.

Not a bad day.


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