MttS Compilation

The purpose of this post is to have the links to all the Mini Takes The States posts in one place and in an order that makes sense. Additionally I’ve added and made changes to some of the posts so that they are in thier final and most complete form. Consider this the Directors Cut.

MttS Pre-Launch

MttS Day 1

pics from day one

Pete’s pics from day one

MttS Day 2

pics from day two

Pete’s pics from day two

MttS Day 3

pics from day three

Pete’s pics from day three

MttS Day 4

pics from day four

Pete’s pics from day four

MttS Day 5

pics from day five

Pete’s pics from day five

MttS Day 6

pics from day six

Pete’s pics from day six (n/a)

MttS Day 7

pics from day seven

Pete’s pics from day seven (n/a)

Videos we got in

Automobile Magazine

MttS Conclusion



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