Comic #1

Occasionally, I come up with little bits of dialogue or little scenes or one liners or things I find funny. Typically I write them down or add them to this huge word document I have that’s filled with these types of things (but mostly script ideas). In any case, I never had a platform to put these ideas on until now.

The following is a poorly drawn single panel comic. It is a conversation that is happening between two film students in regards to an up and coming science fiction director in the Spanish cinema scene.

I’m sure that is probably only funny to me. It would be better it I didn’t have to explain it and give it so much back story to set it up. But, I’m sure regardless it would still not be funny.

*the joke is that -if you didn’t know- in spanish, the name George is spelled with a “J” and pronounced Hor-hey. So, the line would be read, “Hor-hey Lucas?” Try reading it again. I bet you’ll laugh this time… but probably not.


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