Fuck I’m In My Twenties

So, as per usual I’m finding out about this thing that’s probably been an internet sensation for a while now. I really need a hipster for hire.

Jump to the other day and I’m at the Urban Outfitters in Allston. While looking for something else, I came across this book that intrigued me. The book was small and black and had notebook type scribble writing on it; the title: F*ck I’m In My Twenties. After reading the back and flipping through it’s pages I found out a few things; 1) it started out as a blog, 2) it is about my life (more about that later), and 3) it was written by Emma Koenig.

The fact that this was “something that is ‘hip’ ” and the name of the author sounded too familiar to be true, I got home and wikipedia-ed Vampire Weekend. Sure enough I was right and VW’s frontman Ezra is the brother of Emma.

This is so unfair to me. How is it that both these siblings can be hip and -to a degree- famous. Better yet -and more accurate- successful. To add insult to injury, I’m fueling this hipster fire by doing a write up about it.

So, like I said, I found this book and it seems to be about my life. The thing is that in order to be successful and get to a large audience you have to be the audience. What I’m saying is OR what I’ve realized is that if you can be vague enough, you can relate to everyone and make it feel as though it’s about their life too; a big shared -life- experience.

Additionally I mentioned that the book spawned from a blog. (Why can’t this happen to me). The thing I always say is, its the simplest ideas that are always the best. Writing a blog or book about your feelings about being in your twenties is by no means a novel idea. However, if you market the right way and are a decent writer, you can gain the internet fame that leads to some hip young publisher finding your shit and wanted to capitalize on it’s uniqueness. This is what I need to happen with some of my schemes only instead of a “hip young publisher” I need an entrepreneur.

Lastly, while checking out her blog, I came across the video below which was posted about a month ago. It too is brilliantly simple and one of those “why didn’t I think of that” ideas.

Follow up segments:

—my version of Fuck I’m In My Twenties

While everyone’s checking their phone I’m still checking my computer. <— I guess this one is just me and is totally not relatable.

Why do I feel like the only way I have friends is if I’m the one who calls them to do something? Why do I always have to be the one to put forth the effort? Friendship is (or should be) a two way street. <— Pete, this one’s not about you.

—counting repetition

I feel like I used the word “hip” a ton in that post. Lets get a count. After re-reading and counting even variations of the word (ie hipster) and including these last two times, I come up with: 8


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