Because I Know You Care

It has come to my attention, or rather I’ve known for a while now, that my online portfolio is not necessarily a display of my best work. On top of that, there are some items on there that I have merely as a place to put them, a place where they have virtual shelf space. However, I shouldn’t use my portfolio, a supposed display of my “best work” as a storage closet;* that’s where HWS comes in.

I’ve decided to take a bunch of the unnecessary or just plain bad work and either take it off the internet completely, or transfer it here. I wanted to give you the ever so important backstory so that a) you’d know why this random collection of posters and images is showing up on HWS, and b) I’m telling you this because I know you care.**

tilt shift photography

other photography

Sex Wing Starfighter posters

some other work

To check out my updated portfolio, click here.

*A portfolio should be quality, not quantity.

**I couldn’t even write that with a straight face.


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