“Check Out These Assholes”

Darjeeling Limited shirt idea:

For those of you familiar with Wes Anderson’s film The Darjeeling Limited, you may remember the scene where Owen Wilson looks back at the three boys trying to cross the river and says “Look at these assholes.”*

Sorry about the stupid cat at the beginning of the video and the unnecessary Who at the end. It was the only YouTube video I could find of this scene.

Well, my idea is to take a screen grab from this scene and make a t-shirt out of it. I feel like it would make for a great t-shirt design because of two reasons.

1) it sort of pokes fun at the streetware scene which typically will use a famous image from a movie or history, mess with or alter it, and then plop it on a t-shirt and sell it to you for way more than it’s worth.

2) because this scene is simultaneously funny -the line and the way it’s delivered- and scary/sad when SPOILER ALERT the rope breaks and the tone of the film instantly changes.

*I always thought the line was “Check out these assholes”

Other Notes: I would have included a screen grab of the image in black and white and mocked up to be exactly what would be on the shirt. Alas, I don’t own the film and thus can’t get a high quality screen grab. Also, I remembered this scene differently. I thought it was a the three of them walking away from the camera, Owen Wilson turns around, then the other two (Adrian Brody and Jason Shwartzman) turn around too for a great three shot of their heads looking over their shoulders. Perhaps that happens at a different time in the movie.


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