More Photography

This is actually LA (specifically Santa Monica), not Boston. I thought it might be knid of funny and a little bit ironic to make a photo that was purposely misleading. Also, it’s a reference to the punk album of the same name. However, this post is not meant to start yet another East Coast vs West Coast feud. See also, this shirt that Bodega released and this song.

I used this image to make this image.

NOTE: though I didn’t take time to watermark all these with the HWS seal of approval, all of them (as well as the ones from Because I Know You Care) are property of HWS. The only reason I didn’t add it is because I shooped these many moons ago and was too lazy to open them up in Photoshop just to resize them (which is why they’re all so big) and add a little watermark in the bottom right corner.


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