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I thought of this or rather was reminded of this a week or so ago while watching the Family Guy – Empire Strikes Back episode (Something Something Something Darkside). A few months ago at Fourthwall Project an artist called Kostas Seremintas was being featured. One of the pieces he had on display was a three split screen cut of Star Wars Episodes IV, V, and VI where the left side of the frame played the left side of what’s happening in Episode IV, the center portion displayed episode V, and the right portion diplayed Episode VI. It played on an old tube tv and was mezmorizing to watch. It was really interesting and trippy to see how the images lined up. However rather than try to explain it, here’s an example.

In regards to the Star Wars saga, ever since the new ones came out in 1999 there has been a question of grave importance in my mind. When I eventually have kids, do I show them the six films in order as a control test to see which they think are best OR show the films to them the way they came out (IV, V, VI, I, II, and III); the way god intended it? Other factors include even bothering to show them I, II, and III and whether to show the definitive final cuts on Blu Ray or the original versions that were released on VHS and DVD.


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