Nike Olympic Apparel

So the other day I went to the Cambridgeside Galleria. While there I was drawn into the Footlocker which had a store called House of Hoops connected to it. In this store I found three outerwear items that were really cool.

The first was sweatshirt with the US Olympic patch on the front, an American Flag on the left sleeve, the words The United States of America stitched on the back, and on the inside pockets it had the words Land of the free (stitched in the right pocket) and Home of the brave (stitched in the left pocket). I couldn’t find any on a rack to see the price but I found a cheaper looking version of a hoodie with similar design on the rack for $90.

Eventually I asked an employee how much the hoodie was and why it was only on a mannequin and not on a rack. He told me that they were all out back because they were going for, get this, $250!

The guy got a medium of from the back for me and let me try it on.

In addition to the hoodie, the store was selling these canvas jackets for $300.

Lastly, you may recognize this shiny silver jacket if you’ve been watching the Olympics. It is the same one being worn by the US Olympians while on the podium. The price for a piece of Olympic history, $450!

I guess this was -supposedly- the only Nike store in the area that has them. The prices are based on the high quality materials used, the limited availability, the fact that they are the Official Olympic merch, and because let’s face it, it’s Nike.

The employee told me that they’ve only been selling a few here and there.

For those of you wondering what wearing a $250 sweatshirt feels like, it felt like victory.

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