Pete’s MttS Pics – Day 4

July 7th

Minis, LP Field (parking lot), Nashville skyline. (Couldn’t help myself from a little shooping).

Artsy shot of the records (and taxidermy) at Third Man Records.

This hallway contained White Stripes albums that went platinum.

Me and Pete’s new girlfriends ; )

Lego version of The White Stripes as seen in the Fell In Love With A Girl music video.

Mini record player, essentially a toy. However, it really worked! We listened to Seven Nation Army.

Alice next to the TMR van.

Inside the building that housed the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY. Across the street from the Museum was the Corvette Factory.


It’s only gay if balls are touching.**

*What is surprising is that Pete got more pictures of stuff on the highway while he was driving than I did : / Additionally, doesn’t The South not believe in dinosaurs? I was so surprised to see this.

**The night in Louisville was boring so me and Pete decided to call Sylvia and her parents to go mini golfing. While playing, this kept happening to me and Pete’s balls. He would putt before me and when it came time for me to putt, my ball would always hit into his.


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