Science Park

Today was yet another day in my summer adventure series. The goal, to go to more than just the touristy sections of Boston and see what else my “back yard” has to offer. While at the Cambridgeside Galleria the other day I passed by North Point Park (which I thought was called Science Park because that is the name of the stop on the Green Line and because of it’s proximity to the Museum of Science). I wanted to walk through it but by the time I brought it up, my sister whom I’d been hanging out with didn’t want to go anymore.

So today I made it my goal to visit North Point Park. I’m really glad I did because it instantly turned into one of my favorite places in Boston. From North Point Park I was able to cross the North Bank Bridge (a really cool bridge that looked like a roller coaster) which took me under the Lenny Zakim Bridge. I never knew you could get under it, and after being there, it’s a pretty cool place to be. From there I kept moving down the pathway and ended up at Paul Revere Park (which isn’t very interesting). This connected to the locks that allow boats to move in and out of certain parts of the water. It also happens to be right near the State Police building.

While exploring that area (which also isn’t very interesting) I found that there are metal walkways that cross over the locks and could open or close at any time. A sign reading Pass At Own Risk is the only warning walkers get. Upon making my way back to North Point Park, just before crossing the “roller coaster” bridge, I noticed a pathway to the right of it and decided to explore.

The pathway continued under the Zakim and was yellow with funky 90s/Dr. Seuss looking lights on it. Additionally there were numbers marked in the ground that I’m assuming were tracking distance. Distance from what, I don’t know. In any case, I followed it out to the main road and found that it took me right over the Orange Line tracks point of entry into the tunnel that brings them underwater and up and out into North Station.

Back at the main, big, open “under the bridge” area I had a great view of the Commuter Rail trains as they moved in and out of North Station. Additionally, from the “roller coaster” bridge, I had an even better view of the trains moving in and out of North Station as well as the orange draw bridge that they have to roll over to cross the water. Surprisingly I saw the behemoth bridge raise and lower several times throughout my stay at the park. I sight I had never seen before. Also from the bridge I had a great view of the point of entry (and exit) of the Ducktour amphibious vehicles from land to water (and vice versa).

Jump to me having left North Point Park and now hanging out in the back area of the Cambridgeside Galleria where there is a neat water cul de sac and a river taxi like you’d find at EPCOT. While there I met these two dudes who were intrigued by the bike. We got to talking and they seemed cool so I gave them my business card. One said he was a fellow blogger, so if he sends me a link to his blog, I’ll post it here.

PS There was this one spot in the park with a semi-circle and a small boulder at the front. The area felt like a natural stage. I feel like the city of Boston, or me, should start holding open mics there.

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