Toilet Humor

So I have two ideas for toilet related things that I think would be funny.

The first is for a carnival urinal. A set of urinals in a restaurant or a mall or a theme park’s restroom that would be set up like the squirt gun game at a carnival. Each contestant would have a target to pee into and -just like at the carnival- the faster they pee, the quicker their balloon blows up. Whoever pops their balloon first wins a prize.

Photography by Kristen Hale

WARNING: this second idea is kinda gross.

The second is an idea I had for a dictator toilet. I would send the bowl to a painter and have him or her airbrush a bunch of horrible dictators faces on the inside of the bowl. That way each time you piss and shit, it would be like you’re pissing and shitting on their faces. You could even have them make it so that the hole where the pee pee and poo poo gets flushed into is Hitler’s mouth or something.

Then again, would you really want a piece of artwork that contains so much hate sitting in your bathroom?


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