Olympic Velodrome

Right, so I’m scrambling to get a post up for today because I’ve been working non-stop and writing something else non-stop so I haven’t had time to dedicate a lot of energy into this post. However, I’m pretty sure I haven’t missed a day of posting yet and I don’t intend on starting now (since my  goal is to at least post 1 post every day for a year), so here it is.

Simply a link (because when I click the Watch On YouTube button it doesn’t work and therefore I can’t embed) to a video from an event that happened on the 5th, I guess. I’d been wanting to post something related to the track events taking place at the Olympic Velodrome and now, here it is last day of the Olympics, and I’m finally posting something. Hope you enjoy and be sure to tune into the closing ceremonies tonight. It’s sure to be a great show; MUSE, Blur, New Order, The Specials, what more could you want?

If I hadn’t mentioned this in a previous post, the Olympic Velodrome is going to be open to the public as of 2013!


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