Fall Winter Preview

I came home last night from a shitty day at work. I instantly turned on the TV and found that a show I had caught before and really liked, Toy Hunters, was on. For those of you who don’t know, Toy Hunters is like American Pickers* (which I also like and watch from time to time) but solely focused on Toys. It’s really cool to see what things people have, and what prices they fetch.

Watching this show gives me a greater appreciation for two specific things that I own that have great sentimental value to them, both of which happen to be related to Star Wars.

The first is an X-Wing fighter I’ve had since I was about 6 that was released by Tonka in 1995. I can still specifically remember the day my Dad bought it for me. We were in Toys R Us and though I forget how much it cost (for some reason $30 comes to mind, but that seems expensive for a toy of this size even today), I had had x amount of money saved up and my Dad said that if I correctly did the math that figured out the difference between what I had and how much he would have to chip in, he’d buy it for me. Sure enough I solved the problem and I got the X-Wing toy.

When it was new there was button on the bottom that would make laser sounds. Also, when you pushed down on R2s head, the ship would make a “light-speed fly-by” sound. The sounds no longer work, however pushing down on R2’s head still allows for the second feature to work; making the s-foils open into attack position.

The kicker comes in because over the past couple years I had been looking for my prized X-Wing toy in my room with no luck. My mom thought she might have even given it away. One day however, I came back from school for the weekend and sitting on my bed was the X-Wing. My mom had found it in a box in our garage and it now sits proudly in my room. I will never get rid of it and one day I hope to pass it on to my future nerd son or nerd daughter.

The second item of sentimental value is a pair of Limited Edition Luke Skywalker Adidas I got in New York back in February of 2010. This February will mark the three year anniversary of me owning them. I already have plans for an anniversary post, so stay tuned for that this winter.

Additionally, I have another Star Wars ship that is newer and remains -and will remain- in the package. I bought it at Celebration V back in 2010. It was a limited run that Disney did of the Starspeeder 1000, the predecessor to the Starspeeder 3000 that tourists used to ride in during the original Star Tours ride. However, now that Star Tours has been re-vamped (I still haven’t gotten a chance to ride it yet), and it takes place earlier than the original, they came out with the Starspeeder 1000.

In the hype and spirit of the 5th ever Star Wars con, I caved and dropped $25 (which is why I question the supposed $30 for the X-Wing back in ’95) on this “Limited Edition” ship. However, it says right on the box that it is limited to 10,000 which I’m pretty sure in the collectors world isn’t a very small number. On top of that, I, at the time, thought that the toy was only going to be available at the convention. I came to find out during a visit to MGM Studios (I refuse to refer to it as Disney’s Hollywood Studios) while in Florida for C5 that they were selling it at Tatooine Traders (the gift shop riders exit through after experiencing Star Tours) as well. I guess they said it was only going to be sold during the convention, not exclusively at the convention.

All of this Celebration V talk leads me to my next- spoiler or leak or preview or whatever you want to call it for an upcoming post, or rather siries of posts. For those of you who don’t know, Celebration VI will be commencing at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando Florida very soon. Look for my posts recapping my highlights from Celebration V, as I will not be attending C6, towards the end of the month.

Lastly, to tie this back in to the beginning of the post, there was a second TV show that I watched (this time On Demand) last night that helped me get over my shitty day at work. This show was none other than The Nerdist.

The Nerdist is a talk show on BBC America (it all feels very G4 and awesome) that features all sorts of fun people and things related to the nerd universe; comics, sci-fi, gaming, and Cons to name a few. The episode I watch featured ladies that are involved in the Nerd universe, including Garfunkel and Oats (who I’ve known about for a while and love; a female musical comedy duo), Frag Dolls (chicks that game and kick ass), and Geek and Sundry (pretty much self explanatory).

I would recommend everyone watch The Nerdist but especially this Ladies of episode as it was friggen sweet.

*I also watch a show on Syfy called Hollywood Treasures. Same idea as the first two except with movie props and memorabilia.


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