Tremont Street + Beacon Street + Charles Street

I started my ride yesterday by getting off at the Mass Ave Orange Line stop and riding over to Tremont street where I then proceeded to make my way up and down the main streets (Tremont St, Shawmut Ave, Washington St, and Columbus Ave) as well as in and out of a lot of the side streets in the South End. I really like that area. The little shops, restaurants, and boutiques are all really cool. The apartments -which are probably super expensive- are all so nice. I’d love to live there, it feels so removed from the rest of the city, quite and quaint.

I then took Clarendon Street all the way across the city (passing the old location of the Hard Rock Cafe along the way) to the Boylson/Newbury/Beacon Street area of Boston where I rode all the way down Beacon Street until I took the fork (a fork I’ve seen many times but have never taken before)onto Bay State Road that lead me to the back side of Boston University. From there I could go no further, so I turned around and headed back the way I came only this time I rode on the back side of the expensive apartments on a poorly paved one way where the owners of said apartments can park. To the left of me was Sturrow Drive.

I rode along the tight back road are until I saw an opportunity to take a bridge over Sturrow Drive and onto the other side where there is a bike path, grass, and trees right alongside the Charles. From across the Charles you can see over to Cambridge, to MIT, etc. I’ve only ever ridden this path going the opposite direction. It was great to go this way because I was able to see all the bridges, the Longfellow, etc.

Mass Ave bridge back to the sketchy back side of the nice apartments until I reached the Arthur Fiedler Footbridge. I had seen this bridge several times whenever I had gone to the Hatch Shell, but I never had a need to use it. Other than to get back over to the Dr. Paul Dudley White Bike Path (the aforementioned path parallell to the Charles) I really didn’t have a need to use it, but I decided to and it was pretty cool.

I kept making my way down the bike path until just before the Longfellow where I took my last footbridge and shot these pics.

There had been many other oppertunities to shoot some good photographs (esp. while in the South End) but I was too busy enjoying the scenery myself to stop, take out my camera and get a pic.

So now I’m back on the Boston side right near the Charles/MGH Red Line station.

Cut to me biking up and around the Beacon Hill area. I had been managing fine, using my zig-zag technique to make it up the small, narrow, cars-parked-on-both-sides, one way streets until a car started coming towards me, forcing me to ride straight up the hill. The stress on the front tire was too much and there was not enought traction, so I kept spinning it. I was pulling hard on the handlebars to keep from falling off and eventaully turned the handlebars so they were crooked, no longer perpendicular to the front tire.

I got off the bike, straightened them out, and then proceeded to walk it the rest of the way up the hills. I was fed up over the fact that I had loosened the handlebars, but two things soon changed that.

While pushing the bike up Hancock Street a woman in a Jetta pulled over and complimented then bike.

Eventually when I got to the top at the corner of Hancock and Mt Vernon I was blocked by the state house. I was thinking crap, “I’ll have to go around to get out to the common,” but the security guard minding the gate, noticed the bike, pulled me aside and let me ride through the regularly blocked off except to special people area. That too made up for the handlebar blunder.

Cut to me going down Beacon, then Berkeley, then Stuart Street. Then Arlington and Melrose Street. Eventually I made my way back to the Common where I finally came across Charles Street, the street I’d been looking for the whole time ever since I had crossed the last bridge and was in the Beacon Hill area. Little did I know, if I had taken a right the instant I got off the bridge, I’d have gotten on to Charles Street. At the same time, had I done that, my adventure would have been significantly shorter, And it would have sort of indirectly defeated the purpose of these “Boston Adventure” bike rides, whose point are to expand my mental map of Boston as a means to know and understand my way around it better.

Eventually I got back to the end of Charles Street near the Red Line station. I crossed under the overpass and rode on Charles Street which runs parallel to Sturrow Drive. I took a right onto Blossom Street, past MGH and then after the bend in the road, pulled a U-turn and took a right onto onto O’Connell Way. O’Connell Way also had a bend and there, on the other side of the street I saw a foot/bike path and decided to take it. The bike path cut through some parks and apartment buildings before dumping me back out to Sturrow Drive.

I took a right back onto Charles Street and soon arrived at the Science Park station. There my brain made another connection as to where I was, and how these streets fit together in the city. I took a right down Martha Road and a left out to Causeway Street.

I tried to get in to North Station but ran in the same problem I ran into the last time during my Science Park adventure while trying to get into Downtown Corssing; no bikes during rush hour. So, I did what I did last time. Biked to the Tufts Medical Center Orange Line station where I knew there would be no MBTA uniforms to stop me. There wasn’t and I was able to get on the train without a hitch and finally was on my way back home.


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