Star Wars Celebration V – Part 1

The first day of Star Wars Celebration VI -the sixth ever Star Wars convention- is being held today at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida; the same location it was held at two summers ago when my friends and I attended. Only one of our crew has returned to Florida to attend C6. However, below is Part 1 of my coverage from Celebration V, the con I attended in 2010.

Unfortunately I was not able to attend Celebration VI. Part of why I didn’t go is because, for me, one Star Wars Con was more than enough. For another, I was sort of protesting because the timing doesn’t make sense.

Celebration IV was held in 2007 as a 30 year anniversary of A New Hope. C5 was held in 2010 as a 30 year anniversary party for The Empire Strikes Back. And if they wanted to do it right, C6 should have been held in 2013 so that it would have been a celebration of the 30th anniversary of Return of the Jedi. Thirdly I didn’t have the money because I did Mini Takes the States instead.

I will say however that as an expireenced convention attendee I would have looked forward to seeing a lot of the things I missd at the last one. After I got home from C5, and I watched all the YouTube vids people had posted, I realized all the panels and cool exhibit halls that I had missed.


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