Bootleg Tees – Part 2

After seeing Girl Talk on the 17th I was inspired to make a vectorized version of his logo so that I could use it for… things. Upon finishing it I decided that I needed a GT t-shirt. Just as has been the case with the Qantas T, the No Doubt T, and the Celebration 5 T, I’m sure this one will grow old to me and I’ll think, “Meh, I don’t really need it.” Just like these blog posts, I create them, love them for a day (or less, often less) and then get excited about the new one. In any case, I made the GT shirt and I think it came out pretty well.

This is one of the few bootleg things I’ve made that I feel if I showed the owner of the rights to the logo that I made this, he’d probably support it because he himself does a bit of borrowing with the type of music he creates.

Additionally, I made this video from footage my friend -who went to the show with me- shot. As I was cutting it together I realized that it felt like a teaser trailer for a concert movie or a Girl Talk documentary, so I added the title-cards at the end and bam, you got yourself a fake trailer.

—Some GT links—

Girl Talk Makes A Mash Up

A short little documentary about GT

A 40-ish minute interview (in 3 parts). Some cool insights; worth watching the whole thing.


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