Midnight Confessions

A couple days ago at The Git I was ringing in a bunch of toothbrush heads and I just knew the kid was gonna give me a ton of coupons for them. Sure enough when I hit “total” he busted out about 10 or more coupons, one for each item he was buying. I looked at them and it was instantly apparent that the print quality was horrible. I picked up one of the coupons and could instantly tell that the paper was not “coupon paper.” I called my manager over and sure enough we weren’t able to accept them.

Then, yesterday at work, I  was thinking about how when I was younger, my Mom would take my sister and I to Woburn Cinema and they would give us a card with a movie clapper stamp and space for four more stamps. Once you got five stamps on your card, the sixth movie was free. I took one [a card] I had lying around, cut out the stamp shape, and traced it onto an eraser. Then I carved out the eraser to the shape of the stamp and now I had a stamp of my own. I stamped four more movie clappers, all in different directions so it didn’t look too uniform or neat, and then next time I went to the movies handed in my card and got to see a movie for free. I don’t know how many times I did this, but it made me think, the kid who was trying to scam me a couple days ago, he must have been sent to me as payback.


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